Big muff pie list

This is it. The mother of all lists (concerning the venerable B.M.P., that is.) If it has come through here, it’s on this list. Feel free to make suggestions and leave some comments. We are making the Granddady of all lists concerning this Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz/Amp-Spanker. From Cornish to Boss almost every major manufacture has attempted a take on this pedal, and for good reason. Even within the same “Series” of the same model it has taken on many (often historic) versions. From David Gilmour to Billy Corgan (who are both well known Gear Hounds) this pedal in its various incarnations has been used in many different styles: Funk, Punk and everything in between.  Throughout this list there will be branches of a Tree regarding past Favourites, Modern takes, Reissues, clones and even Future Gems.


Wren and Cuff Caprid

To be Reviewed:

Skreddy Ernie

Skreddy Zero

EQD Hoof

Bassic Audio Tri/RAM Muff

And more…

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