EarthQuaker Devices EQD Tentacle Review For Bass

A “spin-off” effect from the Hoof Reaper pedal, the Tentacle delivers the same biting yet smooth Octave Effect without the previous pedals distortion circuit, making it exceptionally suited for use with the Bass. At a quick glance this sparse design is possibly a bit deceptive, but give it a thorough run and you will be gripped by the Tentacle!

With no controls other than the footswitch, this pedal is the model of simplicity itself, yet it keeps those appreciative of aesthetic qualities satisfied as well. (It does kindly come with an instruction manual!)  As par for EQD, it is endorsed with a scintillating graphic of a menacing Tentacle in appropriately flashy colours.

What makes the Tentacle stick out on Bass however is it’s Dynamics:  thump it hard and it responds with a mighty wallop but caress your fresh set of Fender Stainless Steels and it will return soft whistling Harmonics.  On top of this if you hold your notes in a staccato manner it delivers an entirely different octave voice than compared with how it reacts with legato playing and long sustained notes in a wound up tube bass head.  It can swell or pounce, all decided by HOW you play the note and hold it.

Give it a shot: more tones with less controls?  Yep, less is truly more within the grips of the Tentacle!

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