Electro-Harmonix Reissues the “Green Russian Big Muff”

It was bound to happen…Mike Matthews doesn’t leave many stones unturned…he just gets around to turnin’ them over exactly when it will maximize profits for EH…and so Electro-Harmonix Officially Announces the Reissue of the Green Russian Big Muff.

The look of this reissue is deceptively classy: it seems to be really just housed in their “nano’ enclosure but covered with the highly identifiable “SovTek” Green paint adorned on the original pedal.

This reissue has been updated with the option of outboard 9V power instead of battery only, following the current trend of large pedalboards with almost as large power supplies. This along with the fact that it looks to be about a quarter of the size of the original makes it easier to integrate with simple pedalboards that aren’t larger than the amplifiers they are being connected to.

EH is marketing this as a highly accurate replica with a few updates, so we will be taking a look at this very soon.  Until then we should be taking a look at the original even sooner.  Stay tuned…

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