Mr. Black Tapex2 Delay News

Pretty much anything Jack ” Mr. Black ” Deville releases seems to be outstanding, and when he announces that a pedal emulating a tape delay is coming out, you know that there are a lot of delay freaks paying attention out there.

With the title of “Tapex2” this pedal leaves little doubt to what is on offer here: marketed as a “stereophonic tape echo” it not only offers the soft subdued tones of an actual tape delay but two modes of operation and the ability to save and recall a preferred setting.  In addition to this there is the option of Tap Tempo with the use of an external footswitch plugged into the available input on the side of the pedal, which also doubles as an expression pedal input.  What parameters are available to use with the expression pedal?  All of them.

There’s also modulation available (both subtle and extreme) in addition to it’s stereo output delay.  Even more, you can optional use 18V to power this pedal instead of the usual 9V (likely for higher headroom.)  This pedal has the makings of an atmospheric delay user’s dreams wit all of it’s features and capabilities in a compact enclosure.

It seems that this is yet another of Jack DeVille’s unique designs on a classic effect…an easy to use, relatively compact pedal that is loaded with useful features which will in all likely hood sound amazing…which is just what you should expect from Mr. Black.



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