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Just a quick note to all of the shoe gazers (and other out of the box thinkers) out there…for ǝƨɿǝvǝɿ reverb there are few pedals that come close to the DigiTech DigiReverb.

What sets the DigiVerb apart from other reverb pedals is how well the ǝƨɿǝvǝɿ algorithm (Mode 6) works, mostly due to how the mix knob is implemented.

Swept to the extreme right facilitates a completely “wet” mix thereby eradicating the “dry” output from the tone. This offers an obvious advantage to anybody wanting to venture outside of the box. Without a dry signal there is nary an indicator of the original tone turning this into a ambient machine! In the “shoe gaze” crowd this is not only preferred but demanded in the effort to get tones reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine among others.

Whip the Decay knob to the far right and you have an extremely versatile machine capable of synth like textures and keyboard emulating pads. Adjusting the Tone control to either extreme can voice it from a low, growly drones to whispy howls that will test out your tweeters in a pleasingly organic manner.

All this comes from a compact digital pedal that can be had for a price half that of others offering a comparatively weak ǝƨɿǝvǝɿ mode. Add to that the other modes that be favourably compared to those others and this makes for another a DigiTech classic. Check back here soon on how to optimally set up this pedal for the most believable effect. Meanwhile grab them while you can as the prices only seem to be rising

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