VHT Valvulator V1 FRYETTE Amplification Review

Take a listen on a decent system and experience the capabilities of the VHT Valvulator…

If you don’t already know about this curiously weighty and immensely useful piece of gear then prepare to be enlightened as to what smart design and solid engineering can accomplish…

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AnalogMan Sun Face List of Transistor Options GERMANIUM

The AnalogMan Sunface has always been a favourite among boutique Fuzz Face enthusiasts.  It is well built, sounds amazing and, relative to the cost of an original vintage example, quite a bargain.  There are numerous forum threads popping up on the topic of transistor choice lately (among other options) and it’s only heating up. With the return of the Red Dot NKT’s availability, the choice has become harder than ever…

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FullTone O.C.D.

For an overdrive pedal to be considered a classic in today’s immense world of boutique gear is a feat in and of itself.  To be considered a great pedal in a product line as revered as Fulltone is something of an entirely different animal.  Think about the gear that has come from this Michael Fuller:  the Deja Vibe, the Fulldrive (1, 2 n’3) and the even the ’69 and 70’s Fuzzes…and many of them have a highly desirable status among collectors.  So today, we are going to look at yet another design that has become so sought after that Web articles have been dedicated to deciphering its many versions:  The Fulltone O.C.D.. Continue reading “FullTone O.C.D.”

NAMM 2018 Reports: Mad Professor

It looks like the Mad Professor just doesn’t sleep.  Known for building and designing both simple but beautiful sounding amp-simulating (read: distortion) circuits and atmospheric, interactive ambient effects (read: modulated delays and reverbs) this latest release of pedals should keep people of both these camps satisfied.  The Mad Professor Little Tweedy Drive is a pedal designed to emulated the rich edgy tones of a classic tweed style Fender amp from the Fifties in a small package. The Mad Professor Kosmos Reverb is aptly named as it offers more than just a simple spring reverb emulation.  Its hidden features belie its small format.


It looks like another couple of modern classics from the Mad Professor!  More on these to come.


AnalogMan BC 109 SunFace vs Skreddy Lunar Module



AnalogMike  (Mike Piera) and Marc Ahlfs are both well know in today’s large circle of fuzz builders but it wasn’t long ago when that circle was a lot smaller, and these two circuit hounds were the go-tos for vintage styled effects.  Little has changed since then in that regard, but the needs and wants of players certainly have.  Or have they?  Do gear hounds still seek out simple two  knob fuzz boxes, or do they prefer the options afforded by more up to date circuits?  Vintage fuzz is being used by many modern players… Can both be valid in today’s market of strong opinions of what a fuzz “should” be?

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