About The Tone Unknown

Welcome to the Tone Unknown…

Home of the vintage, rare and coveted gear from the PRIVATE collection of a gear addict.

Tired of YouTube “Demos” that are more talk than Rock?  Written “Reviews” so biased you might think there was a romantic relationship between the reviewer and manufacture?  Looking for information on anything other than a Tube Screamer?  Have you  become weary of post after post on the endless Twitter and FaceBook feeds?  Looking for a different kind of Gear Page?!?  Well, let me know when you find it, because it ain’t here.  Until then, revel in reviews of some rare vintage AND modern gear.  Some crazy, some sane…but ALL are from a single gigantic personal collection. No sponsors,  no endorsements and no rentals of any gear.

“A little bit of Jeckyl…and a whole lotta Hyde.”

“Be both Vigilant and Diligent.”