Nobels PRE-1 Preamp Booster Review

*** I’d like to put this on a oscilloscope or spectrometer to really see what is really happening in this circuit.  Is this design different enough that it really is doing something…different?  Or is it the sparkly finish that has me bemused?  Reminding me subconsoulsy of that EL84 Sparkle?!? Whatever it is it has me thinking that this may be the Klon (gulp…I know)  of Vox style boosts.  There.  I said it.  It works that well. ***

Looking for a cheap and effective booster?  Perhaps something with a basic equalization circuit for subtle tone shaping?  And would it be too much to ask that it be built in a familiar, solidly constructed enclosure, easy to use and have a tone that could compete with the boutique crowd?  Probably.  But that’s only because the Nobels pedal line has quietly become a darling of the boutique gear crowd.  For a while it was a big score to find some of the pedals.  Few knew about them so they seem to have been overlooked by the pawn hunters.  But the few in the know scooped them up as they were cheap, solidly built tone monsters.  So let’s take a quick look before they become the next…gulp…Centaur… Continue reading “Nobels PRE-1 Preamp Booster Review”

PAF Humbucker Pickup Guide and Review: Clones and Reissues Examined

With so many P.A.F. winders coming out of the woodwork these days its easy to get lost in the sea of “exceptionally accurate” clones. Be kinder to your wallet by using this guide to help you navigate the waters and decide for yourself what makes a truly exceptional recreation of the historic Gibson Humbucker pickup.

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VHT Valvulator V1 FRYETTE Amplification Review

Take a listen on a decent system and experience the capabilities of the VHT Valvulator…

If you don’t already know about this curiously weighty and immensely useful piece of gear then prepare to be enlightened as to what smart design and solid engineering can accomplish…

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AnalogMan Sun Face List of Transistor Options GERMANIUM


The AnalogMan Sunface has always been a favourite among boutique Fuzz Face enthusiasts.  It is well built, sounds amazing and, relative to the cost of an original vintage example, quite a bargain.  There are numerous forum threads popping up on the topic of transistor choice lately (among other options) and it’s only heating up. With the return of the Red Dot NKT’s availability, the choice has become harder than ever…

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