Pigeon FX Fuzz Face Kit Review


For all of the clones and copies on the market of the venerable fuzz face circuit, a less often seen product is the Fuzz Face kit. Considering the sparse amount of parts account in a Fuzz Face compared to modern distortion devices this makes quite a bit of sense. If you have the bare essential components [enclosure, foot switch, input and output jacks and potentiometers] the real important parts can suitably be ordered. You just have to make sure they are the “right” parts.
But who knows what the right parts actually are? It looks like Pigeon FX do. Continue reading “Pigeon FX Fuzz Face Kit Review”

Mad Professor Simble Review

Known as one of the top 4KDPs (4 knob Dumble Pedals), The Mad Professor Simble has a long and involved history concerning its development (that is well documented.)  Whether it was the side by side testing with a real Dumble, painstaking circuit research and some pretty savvy marketing or just the overall amazingly smooth tone, SOMETHING has got people buzzed about this pedal. Continue reading “Mad Professor Simble Review”