Peter Cornish OC-1 Review


Less is more is a tried and true adage that certainly holds merit with just about anything Peter Cornish builds. Simple designs that rely on neither flashy graphics or slick advertising, these pedals are textbook examples of austere product.  They are, however, well known, not only to the basement jammers and boutique connoisseurs alike, but to some BIG names:  his products (and services) can been found in the rigs of none other than David Gilmour, Brian May, Tony Iommi and myself.  Because of this association Cornish pedals are considered extravagant and  pricey, but you get what you pay for: they are quiet, sturdy, and well built designs that all have exceptional tone. Continue reading “Peter Cornish OC-1 Review”

Skreddy Major Review

Straying from his usual hand-wired format of boutique pedals, Marc Alhfs of Skreddy Pedals offers up something fresh and more-cost effective to his followers with the introduction of three New Pedals. Of this series we are looking at the Major Overdrive. Continue reading “Skreddy Major Review”

EarthQuaker Devices EQD Tentacle Review For Bass


A “spin-off” effect from the Hoof Reaper pedal, the Tentacle delivers the same biting yet smooth Octave Effect without the previous pedals distortion circuit, making it exceptionally suited for use with the Bass. At a quick glance this sparse design is possibly a bit deceptive, but give it a thorough run and you will be gripped by the Tentacle! Continue reading “EarthQuaker Devices EQD Tentacle Review For Bass”

Mad Professor Simble Review

Known as one of the top 4KDPs (4 knob Dumble Pedals), The Mad Professor Simble has a long and involved history concerning it’s development that is well documented. Whether it was the side by side testing with a real Dumble, painstaking circuit research and some pretty savvy marketing or just the overall amazingly smooth tone, SOMETHING has got people buzzed about this pedal. Continue reading “Mad Professor Simble Review”