The Dumble Pedal List

It’s only going to grow…

To date there are several pedals on the market that attempt to emulate the fabled Dumble amplifier and its associated tone. (Enough to make it hard to keep up with so please send a message if you have any to add to this list.)     Some are close and some are closer…especially the ZenDrive clones. For some real fun see which of these are descendants of the Ibanez Tube Screamer.  Now on to that list…

***NYR = Not Yet Reviewed

  • Simble Overdrive by Mad Professor 
  • ZenDrive
  • ZenDrive 2
  • Fuchs Plush Cerberus Tri-Mode Overdrive
  • Amplified NationBig Blooma grittier more “Marshally” take on the ZenDrive/Dumble phenomenon it has it’s place on the list but seems to deviate from the original recipe than most…might be cheaper/differing parts or just a bad copy (or modern “update”)  Reported by the builder to be an exact clone of a Dumbloid model (but that changed as well…)
  • Shin’s Music Dumbloid Overdrive Special
  • Ethos Overdrive
  • Ethos Clean Fusion II Amp
  • Cornerstone Gladio (and Gladio SC) – Marketed on the basis of a high pedigree NYR
  • Menatone Howie – the simple models give a great straight ahead tone while the more complex variations let you tinker with your tone while avoiding straying too far away from the main Tube Screamer Dumble tone
  • Tanabe Dumkudo 
  • Tanabe Zenkudo
  • Kingsley Page DS
  • Cause & Effect FET Dream – Some say an easy cash by the builders  in but a quick spin proved it wasn’t that bad…the website however says they are not building either amps or pedals anymore…
  • Fuchs Plush Valve Job Tube Overdrive
  • J Rockett The Dude
  • J Rockett Hot Rubber Monkey HRM
  • Providence Stampede Overdrive SOV-2
  • Mojo Hand FX DMBL
  • Mojo Hand Extra Special DMBL+
  • Jetter GS 124
  • Gaspedals Dumbbell
  • Wampler Euphoria
  • Clones of the ZenDrive itself (but aren’t limited to and probably include many of the above as well) :
  • Joyo R-02 Taichi Overdrive
  • Azimuth Dynamic Overdrive

KO Amps KOi Overdrive Happy huntin’ and keep a look out for upcoming reviews and updates to this list.

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